Monday, September 12, 2011

Making Space

A client (who gave me permission to use this piece of her story) was facing some changes at work. The company built a new central office building, and moved employees from several locations. As a part of the move, all the employees had to comply with new corporate regulations. All of the paraphernalia that had been collected by long term employees: company collectibles, desk decorations, etc., had to be pared down to five personal items. After more than a decade with the company, my client had a hard time with this rule. It felt as though she was having part of her identity taken away when she had to box up all of her desk decorations. Each of the items on her desk had a story, a history, memories associated with it. So, when my client talked about the move and the new rule, she expressed some sadness and some resentment.  For the rest of the story, come on over here.