Friday, September 16, 2011

What Does our Anger Cover Up?

Anger is an interesting emotion.  It seems like we struggle to have a comfortable existence with our anger (and several other “tough” feelings–but more about that in another post).  I know some people who will go to enormous lengths to avoid expressing or admitting to their anger.  If that’s you, you may find the content of this post a bit foreign.  I’m going to encourage you to stick around though, because I think that you may find some things here that apply to you.  Because this post is about how some situations move us rapidly into anger.   If you think about it, I’m guessing that you can identify at least one issue that can push your “anger button.”  In fact, for some folks, anger seems like their “go-to” emotion.  When I am sitting with someone who can’t seem to get past their feelings of anger, I often ask them to take a step back and look a bit deeper.  More here