About Me

I am a licensed counseling psychologist practicing in the midtown area of Kansas City, MO. My goal in therapy is to create a safe, supportive environment for my clients.

I believe that therapy provides several key benefits. The first is the opportunity to explore challenging life issues with a caring, neutral listener--someone whose only agenda is your overall health. Another benefit is the opportunity to explore difficult experiences in a safe setting. Therapy can become a "box" to hold issues that are too painful to explore in other settings. Finally, therapy provides the benefit of an objective outside perspective, which can bring new insight about life's challenges.

My practice specialties include the intersection of physical & emotional health, grief & loss, and infertility.  I firmly believe that our emotional and physical health are strongly related.  There is great research supporting this belief.  So one of my primary goals in my practice is to create a space for those who are coping with serious or chronic health issues to receive support and gain understanding of how their mind and body affect one another.