Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mid-Week Balance: 8 June 2011

This week has been hit and miss for me with my time online (my RSS reader has reached scary numbers), but even with some sketchy reading time, I found some great stuff to share. I hope you enjoy them.

I always find something that challenges my thinking when I spend time at the Zen Habits blog. This week was no different. I talk with clients regularly about the fact that many of the things we experience in life are out of our control. This post about the illusion of control really nailed that concept.

At PsychCentral's Mindfulness & Psychotherapy blog, Elisha Goldstein does a consistently good job of reviewing mindfulness resources and providing thoughtful reflections. This post on "making peace with the enemies within" does a nice job of reminding us how vulnerable we our to our own negative or critical thoughts. Dr. Goldstein also provides some helpful re-framing suggestions.

One of my other favorite blogs at PsychCentral is Christy Matta's Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood. Christy dives into many topics from a DBT perspective and provides some helpful insights. I have explored the challenges that many of us face in owning our own self-care, so I really appreciated this post exploring how to embrace assertive thinking.

Wildmind's Buddhist meditation blog is another regular in the MWB round-up's because they have such a diverse staff of contributing writers. This means they provide a lovely depth of perspective about the impact of Buddhist thought and meditation on many aspects of daily living. This post from Saddhamala is a thoughtful list of ten ways to slow down and live a better life.

And finally, because I can't resist good therapy-related resources, I have a piece from Julie at Beautiful You. If you haven't checked out Beautiful You yet, make this post your reason to stop by (and maybe check out the great resources she has there. This article is an invitation to make the most of your therapy relationship--with the most important takeaway being to listen to your instincts.

As always, I hope that this collection brings you something you need as you move through the week. If you have a great resource I missed (yes, including things that *you* wrote), please share it with all of us in the comments.