Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mid-Week Balance: 1 June 2011

There has just been so much good stuff this week that I'm having a hard time keeping the MWB line-up in any kind of check. I noticed that the strong theme in the writing that grabbed me was the need to engage with our bodies in loving and respectful ways. But not just with our bodies--we need to engage with others in loving and respectful ways too. That means noticing our own negative self-talk, but also calling out body shaming and appearance snarking whenever we encounter it. In addition, I found two great posts about listening to the emotional wisdom of our bodies. So, without further ado, here are some powerful inspirations to walk the walk!

Rosie Molinary just keeps creating wonderful stuff, so I just keep sharing it. In fact, this week, I couldn't narrow it down to just one post. In her caring response to being asked if she had lost weight, Rosie challenges our assumption that being thin is why we look attractive, or happy. From that exploration of how body talk affects us as individuals, she moves to this powerful post that calls out the cultural habit of picking apart women's bodies rather than celebrating their strengths.

I know that I have wrestled with the "I don't deserve that" demon when I was close to getting something I really wanted. Mara of Medicinal Marzipan takes on that demon this week in her post that asserts that it is actually OK to have everything you want. Make sure to read the comments on this one--there's a great conversation going on.

Anna Guest-Jolly of Curvy Yoga shared this touching article about the body-shaming she has experienced with physicians. This fact that many physicians, who are entrusted with our health, have such a limited view of what healthy bodies can be, is an ongoing problem. I really appreciate her concrete suggestions, such as treating doctor's appointments as a job interview--for the doctor!

If you haven't encountered Ragan, she is a phenomenal dancer, incredible overall athlete and passionate advocate of Health at Every Size (HAES). Her blog, Dances with Fat, is a favorite of mine.She is also an amazing researcher, and her posts tend to have a wealth of resources beyond her own powerful writing. This post challenging the drive to "eliminate obesity" does a wonderful job of showing how the language and definitions around body size are a problem.

Kendra's Voice in Recovery blog is another consistently solid resource for self-loving resources. This incredible post explores how listening to our anxiety can be the catalyst for healthy choices. I love the explicit permission to engage with our feelings and learn how they are trying to keep us safe and healthy.

And finally, I had to include this touching piece by Amy at Una Vita Bella. It's worth taking some time to browse Amy's archives as she provides a raw, honest, inside view into her experiences with depression and fibromyalgia. This post is a great introduction to her point of view, and her willingness to share her pain to help others.

What self-care message did you need the most this week? Is there a favorite resource you want to share?