Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mid-Week Balance: 25 May 2011

It has been a crazy, heart-breaking, scary week here in Missouri (and several other "tornado alley" states). So this week's MWB line-up is dedicated to those who are picking up and trying to rebuild their lives--after a tornado, or a loss, or one of the other challenges life puts in our path. I hope you find something that connects for you and brings a moment of peace.

Glynis Sherwood writes the Recovery Matters blog, and she has been featuring a series of posts that explore common myths that surround grieving. This week she shared her fifth myth--the expectation that grief is an experience that should be "done alone." When so many people are facing challenges, I really appreciated the reminder that we are stronger when we are in community.

Pam Slim of Escape from Cubicle Nation has created a wonderful set of resources for those of us who are interested in self-employment or pursuing our talents in passionate ways (or, in her words, the transformation "from corporate prisoner to thriving entrepreneur"). Her writing frequently inspires & energizes me. But this week, her post about "not backing down" rang so powerfully true. It was a lovely reminder that sometimes, even when we are tired, we need to confront our fears or challenges or the exhaustion itself. As a bonus, she included a Tom Petty video--win!

Jonathan Fields also writes about entrepreneurship, with an upcoming book about the value of uncertainty. This post about trying to assess whether pain was "good pain or bad pain" hit a home run for me. One of the things my clients hear from me a lot is that we can't avoid pain. Instead, I focus on helping folks find the healthiest path through the pain. I appreciated how Jonathan turned his own injury experience into a bigger look at the value of asking for help.

Judy Martin of the Work Life Nation blog, wrote a piece about reducing stress in the work-life balance. What I noticed as I read the piece as that her "Seven Tools" seemed to apply to many stressful situations, not just work.

The Better Health blog is a fantastic resource for all things health-related. This week's post by Dr. John Mandrola was right in line with some of the other posts that I've shared about freeing ourselves from the straightjacket of perfectionism.

I hope this finds you safe and healthy--and if not, that you're getting all the support you need! Any good resources? Please share them below.