Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mid-Week Balance--20 April 2011

This week's Mid-Week Balance roundup is pretty eclectic. I hope that means that no matter where you may be today, you find something that speaks to you.

From Glynis Sherwood's Recovery Matters blog, here is part of her "Myths of Grief Recovery" series. I've appreciated each of the posts in the series so far, but I particularly like how this "cautionary tale" highlights the challenge of providing permission for our feelings: "Don't Feel Bad"

Leigh Cousins writes Always Learning as a support for parents, but I when I read her post this week, I found myself thinking that all of us could use the reminder to take a step back from our frustrations and try to put them in perspective: "Some Perspective for Struggling Parents"

Jonathan Fields writes a blog that is an invitation to deeper thinking about entrepreneurship and professional communities. This post about "lucky people" struck a chord with me because it challenges our assumptions about ourselves and our power in our own lives: "What Lucky People Do Differently"

In her blog, Curvy Yoga, Anna Guest-Jolly became a favorite of mine by combining her knowledge of yoga with some powerful body-positive attitudes. This is a guest post from Shaunta Grimes, celebrating the power of yoga for young girls as an antidote to the negative body climate we're surrounded by: "Yoga as an Early Path to Body Acceptance"

At Body Aware Grieving, Margo Rose invites readers to consider the physical health component of their grief process. I really appreciated this practical overview on how to be proactive about creating a list of healthy self-care rewards: "Healthy Pleasures: Rewards to Reach For!"

That's the roundup for this week. Please feel free to share the helpful, intriguing, challenging gems that you find!